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My Mom Has An Affair And My Father Doesn’t Care!




Hey, what`s up? My name is Ann, and I`m 16 years old. I have a story that taught me that relationships between men and women are not that simple. This is how I found out that my mother cheated on my dad, and he knew about it.

I`ll start from the beginning. Recently my little sister was born, and our life changed. I had no idea that raising a child was so expensive! All those diapers, toys, strollers… Dad used to be a freelancer and he made enough money to support all of us, but now mom had to find a job, too. So she became a realtor – she`s selling real estate. And that’s how we began to live – dad works at home and babysits my little sister, I`m trying to help with everything I can, and mom rides around the city all day and shows people houses. At first I was angry with my mother for spending too much time at work. Besides, the commissions she received were very small. But then I accepted it. After all, she was trying to make money for our family. And everything was OK until one moment.

I had a dance at school, and we agreed that mom would pick me up that evening. And guess what? All my friends had been picked up by their parents and my mom was still nowhere to be found, and she also wasn’t answering her phone. I stood outside for almost an hour! And then this big black jeep drove up, the window opened, my mother looked out, and told me to get in and sit down. When I got into the car, I saw an unfamiliar man sitting behind the wheel. The whole way my mother talked to him quietly and giggled. I thought, “she`s trying to be polite, `cause this man was giving us a ride,” but then I noticed a very important detail – she wasn`t wearing her wedding ring. So what is happening here? Who is this guy, and what kind of relationship does he have with my mother?

When we arrived and got out of the car I asked my mom who that was. She said to ignore him, that he was just her colleague. Ignore? You flirt with another man while dad’s sitting at home and I’m supposed to ignore it? I decided to ask her about it at dinner in front of my dad, so he could hear it all. I started from a distance: “Mom, what happened to your car, why did you pick me up in that other one with some random man?” My mother answered: “Oh, something happened to the engine, there was steam coming from the hood in the middle of the road! I had to call the tow truck and to take it to get repaired. Fortunately, my colleague was not far away and agreed to give us a lift.” Looks like she’s got it covered. I was getting angry, and just asked her straight: “Why aren’t you wearing your wedding ring?” It looked like this question put my mother in a very awkward position. She looked at me for a few seconds with annoyance, and replied, “I tried to deal with the car by myself first, and took off my rings to keep them clean.” I looked at dad, but it seemed he wasn’t even listening. He looked sad and tired. I said, “Dad, what do you think about it?” But then my mother interrupted me, said that dinner was over, and sent me to my room. From that moment on, I began to suspect that the man in the jeep was more than just a colleague. I decided not to tell my father about my suspicions yet. There was no need to upset him if I don’t have any clear evidence.

The next morning at breakfast there was tension between me and my mom. She even tried to avoid eye contact with me. We just sat in silence. And suddenly her phone rang. She said it was for work and that she had to answer, and went into the bedroom. I knew it wasn’t just for work. I wanted to eavesdrop on the conversation and I came up with a brilliant idea. I went to my sister`s room and turned on the baby monitor. It works on both sides, so I could hear their conversation pretty clear. Mom was very nice. I had no doubt she was talking to that «colleague» and I managed to hear a very important detail. She said: «At Rossi`s at 8. Kisses, see you.» Rossi`s is a gorgeous restaurant downtown. So you are going on a date, Mom, huh? Well, I`m definitely going to ruin it!

So I got the address and the time of their meeting. I decided to get there half an hour later to catch them in the middle of their date. When I arrived, I saw my mother’s car and the jeep of that man who picked me up from the dance. So your car broke down, huh? I was very angry. I went to the window and guess what I saw. My mother and this man having a romantic dinner with candles and wine! I stood there for a minute and suddenly he leaned over to my mother and kissed her! Oh, I couldn`t hold my anger anymore. I ran into the restaurant and started yelling at my mom: “How dare you to do that?! Dad’s alone, looking after your baby while you’re out on dates?”

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