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The Puzzling Disappearance of Walter Collins

What became of this missing boy?

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Hulton Collection/Getty Images
Female telephone switchboard operator connecting caller, close-up (B&W
FPG/Getty Images
1920’s Girl
duncan1890/Getty Images
Serious boy (12-13) posing, (B&W), close-up, portrait
George Marks/Getty Images
Portrait of Male Police Officer, Toned
ferrantraite/Getty Images
look into my empty eyes
THEPALMER/Getty Images
Silhouette of a prison/police warden
Klubovy/Getty Images
Charged with 11 murders to which he has confessed and implic
New York Daily News Archive/Getty Images
Sheriff Carl Rayburn (left), Gordon Stewart Northcott and De
New York Daily News Archive/Getty Images
Man & Wife
duncan1890/Getty Images
USA Antique Map
nicoolay/Getty Images
Vintage photograph of two boys standing
pappamaart/Getty Images
Old family photo
pappamaart/Getty Images
Grungy Newsprint
MBCheatham/Getty Images
I’m sorry.
sx70/Getty Images
Inside Alcatraz Prison – Row of Bars and Cells
leezsnow/Getty Images
Barn house
nico_blue/Getty Images
map of usa
THEPALMER/Getty Images
Jaw X-Ray
jaynemccarthy/Getty Images
Policeman Signaling Stop
CSA Images/Getty Images
Hollywood Premier
Underwood Archives/Getty Images
Cowboy Actor Tom Mix
Historical/Getty Images
Prison in America
Andrew Lichtenstein/Getty Images
Interior of Prison Cell
Manuela Schewe-Behnisch / EyeEm/Getty Images
Mug Shot of Murderer Gordon Northcott
Bettmann/Getty Images
Young man with clothes and cap in 20s style.
philipimage/Getty Images
People And Professions
A-Digit/Getty Images
Empty room, concrete walls and floor
gremlin/Getty Images
American Suburban Houses
Ed Darack/Getty Images
Four undeveloped Polaroid photos
FingerMedium/Getty Images
Full Frame Shot Of Vintage Wallpaper With Floral Pattern
Ulrike Hammerich / EyeEm/Getty Images
Field with free range golden comet and black star hens on organic farm
Melissa Goodwin/Getty Images
Field landscape of chicken coops on free range organic farm
Melissa Goodwin/Getty Images
Family of farmers
UfimtsevaV/Getty Images
Los Angeles City Hall
Visual Studies Workshop/Getty Images
Chickens On Field Against Cloudy Sky
Stefan Schillinger / EyeEm/Getty Images
Gas station on South Avalon Boulevard near East Slauson Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, 1928
University of Southern California/Getty Images
USA,California,daytime aerial view from airplane
aaaaimages/Getty Images
Badge Shape Set
Photoco/Getty Images
Chambre vide
gilles corona/Getty Images
Head Silhouettes
Leontura/Getty Images
Map Of California Apple Acreage
Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images
Antique Portrait of Young Girl
Susan Gary/Getty Images
Bloody Halloween theme: bloody hand holding a bloody butcher’s ax isolated on white background in studio
shalunx13/Getty Images
vandervelden/Getty Images

Lime slaking with water.
sonicbox/Getty Images
A beam of light streaming from a film projector.
Sony Pictures Entertainment/Getty Images
Dog Sits and Waits
uberstock/Getty Images


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