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My First Period Disaster

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Mal was excited for summer break, and to celebrate the end of the year, her middle school decided to throw a big party. During lunch, Mal sat with her friends and discussed what they were planning on wearing to the party, who they thought was going to the event, and other important details about the big day. But as they sat and gossiped, Mal suddenly felt a sharp cramp in her stomach. However, she assumed it was just the cafeteria food, and she brushed it off.

When she got home from school, she started to plan her outfit for the party. She decided that the perfect choice would be a casual white dress. While she was helping her mom prepare dinner, she suddenly felt the cramps come back. Yet again, she decided to not take the pain too seriously, and she ignored it.

The next day, Mal woke up and started to get ready for the party. She put her white dress on and got into her mom’s car, and they made their way to the event. As she was sitting in the car, she started to feel cramps again, but her mom reassured her that she was probably just excited about the party and had butterflies in her stomach.

Mal met up with her friends at the party, and they made their way into the school gym to join in on the festivities. The party was PACKED with kids – basically everyone from her grade was there! Mal started to dance around and have a good time with her friends and classmates.

Suddenly, Mal heard some kids laughing behind her. Her friend looked at her in shock and told her to look down, and when she did, she realized that her WHITE dress and legs were completely covered in blood. It turned out that her cramps were the sign of her first period, and it ended up being a first period DISASTER!

Mal’s friends quickly brought her into the bathroom and helped her find a pad. Mal was so embarrassed, so she called her mom and had her pick her up from the party. On the way home, she checked out her social media – her snapchat account – to see if anyone had posted anything about the party, and she was so upset to see pictures of herself in her blood-stained dress online.

Although she was very upset and embarrassed about what had happened, Mal’s mom made her feel better by ordering a pizza and watching movies with her. They joked about what had happened, and Mal felt very lucky that she had amazing friends who came to her rescue during her first period disaster!

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