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Tom Brady’s Infamous Football Cheating Scandal

We cover one of the most talked about cases in sports history.

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Fifty yard line on football field
PhotoAlto/Sandro Di Carlo Darsa/Getty Images
Supporters, Fans, Crowd Silhouette celebrating at Sports event
Purplevideos/Getty Images
Close-Up Of American Football Ball On Field
Dan Thornberg / EyeEm/Getty Images
Deflated American football on grass
Steven Puetzer/Getty Images
American Football Silhouette Icons
Rakdee/Getty Images
American Football Players
chipstudio/Getty Images
Group of multi-ethnic business people
Rawpixel/Getty Images
Close-Up Of American Football Ball
Kelly Furgeson / EyeEm/Getty Images
Bill Belichick Blinds NFL WIth Science On Deflategate
Boston Globe / Contributor/Getty Images
Bill Nye (The Science Guy). (photo courtesy Bill Nye Productions)
The Washington Post / Contributor/Getty Images
The detailed map of the USA including Alaska and Hawaii. The United States of America
-Panya-/Getty Images
Football in Empty Locker Room
Brian Bailey/Getty Images
American Football Ball Close To White Line On Playing Field
Dan Thornberg / EyeEm/Getty Images
Hand Squeezing a Half Deflated Football
sdominick/Getty Images
Referee squeezing a deflated football and holding penalty flag
cmannphoto/Getty Images
Empty Blackboard
StockFinland/Getty Images
lockers icon
Birgul Zalkhayeva/Getty Images
Boxes in row in shipping area
Paul Bradbury/Getty Images
lawsuit document
eccolo74/Getty Images
Space Shuttle Taking Off By River
Ross Johnston / EyeEm/Getty Images
Oil Spill
Tom Williams / Contributor/Getty Images
recall square stamp
Aquir/Getty Images
Swiss Re Still Under Pressure
Sean Gallup / Stringer/Getty Images
Northside Center For Child Development 70th Anniversary Spring Gala
Mike Pont / Contributor/Getty Images
Businessman using digital tablet at office desk
Sam Edwards/Getty Images
Smartphone template and Mobile phone outline isolated on white background.
bgblue/Getty Images
cnythzl/Getty Images
New England Patriots v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Don Juan Moore / Contributor/Getty Images
Basic set of Calendar icons
Vitalii Tkachuk/Getty Images
2016 Broadcasting & Cable Hall Of Fame 26th Anniversary Gala
Brent N. Clarke / Contributor/Getty Images
Vector Set of Bags Icons
Nikiteev_Konstantin/Getty Images
video surveillance icon
dene398/Getty Images
American football balls
m-gucci/Getty Images
choness/Getty Images
Hands on an American Football
David Madison/Getty Images
NFL: AUG 19 Preseason – Patriots at Texans
Icon Sportswire / Contributor/Getty Images
American football players readying to kick ball.
David Madison/Getty Images
Football on Black
Sean Locke/Getty Images
Handsome Service Worker
lisafx/Getty Images
American Football Field with Stadium Lights
elinedesignservices/Getty Images
NFL: NOV 06 Colts at Packers
Icon Sportswire / Contributor/Getty Images
Deflated Football Controversy
cmannphoto/Getty Images
Worried and Exhausted Businessman Talking on Phone in his Office
AleksandarGeorgiev/Getty Images
Deflate-Gate. Crime Scene of NFL footballs deflated on the field
cmannphoto/Getty Images
American football equipment
XiXinXing/Getty Images
DON EMMERT / Staff/Getty Images
NBC 2006-2007 Primetime Upfront
Michael Loccisano / Staff/Getty Images
Main_sail/Getty Images

Football on black slow motion – HD
FootageFirst/Getty Images
Football flyover 1
Redshift-Blueshift/Getty Images
CU DS SLO MO Football center coming to line of scrimmage and snapping ball
Thomas Barwick/Getty Images
Close up of a football player lining up at the line of scrimmage
uberstock/Getty Images
CU SLO MO. Referee grips football and throws an underhanded pass at camera.
The Lighthouse Film Co, Inc./Getty Images


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