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I Saw Something CREEPY In My Bf’s Old Family Album




Hi! I’m April. This is gonna be a story of my first love which is now a taboo subject in my family. Everything started a few months ago and it seems like I’m going to be disappointed, shocked, and frustrated for the rest of my life. I feel like I still love the guy and I deeply hate myself for it.

Jackson moved to our town six months ago. He was born here actually, but when his mom died in a car accident many years ago, Jackson’s dad decided to get a fresh start in another city. They traveled through almost the whole country, when his dad’s job finally brought them back down here again. Anyway, soon afterward, he started going to our school and we became friends, but then we both agreed that we were attracted to each other in a romantic sense and decided to begin dating. Jackson’s cool, you know. He rides a motorcycle and looks really mysterious and wise. I mean, there was hardly any chance of me not falling in love with him.

Once he had the idea to go their family’s lake house and spend the whole weekend there. We had not been dating for that long yet, and my parents actually had no idea that he had a motorcycle, otherwise they wouldn’t even let me talk to him, you know. That’s why I lied to them and told them that I was going to spend the weekend at my friend Angelica’s country house. I didn’t feel great about having lied to my parents. And I had a bit of an unpleasant feeling inside, even though I was pretty excited about spending two days with my love.

That unpleasant and worrisome feeling began growing soon after Jackson and I set out for our top-secret trip. At first, we got a flat tire; then, while Jackson was trying to fix it, a huge truck passed by and sloshed us with water and mud. I thought that this had to be enough trouble for one day, but as they say, bad things come in threes, so when we finally arrived at the lake house, dirty and exhausted, it turned out that Jackson had taken the wrong set of keys. We had nothing to do but to break into the house, obviously damaging the lock.

A couple of hours later when we had finally changed our clothes and ate our dinner, Jackson and I were sitting next to the fireplace looking through an old family album. He was telling me about his mom, showing me her photos, and I felt like even though he could barely remember her, he missed her a lot. Suddenly we came across a picture of Jackson’s young mom sitting next to… my young mom!

I was so surprised that I even screamed. Jackson, on the other hand, didn’t recognize the woman next to his mom, but when I told him who she actually was, he turned pale. We rushed to look through the rest of the photos and found another interesting picture. Even though this photo had been taken many years ago when I probably wasn’t even born yet, I could bet I knew that man. Even though he didn’t have a mustache and his hair was long, I was pretty sure this was my mom’s brother – my uncle Henry. Of course, I told Jackson this and he was no less surprised and confused than I was. We couldn’t wait until the morning to go back home and ask our parents about everything, so we just decided to return immediately that night.

Jackson’s dad was out of town, so I had to be the first one to begin the investigation. Of course, I had to confess to my parents that I had lied to them. Because it was already 1 A.M. when I returned home, while they weren’t expecting me until the next evening. Dad was already sleeping and the talk with my mom wasn’t nice at all. She didn’t want to hear any explanation for why I had lied to her and how come I’d even dared to date a guy with a motorcycle, so she’d severely grounded me for that. And when I showed her the pictures of these photos on my cell phone and explained everything to her, she looked like she had just seen a ghost. She yelled at me, and told me that I was no longer allowed to see Jackson and that he’d better stay out of our family.

I was devastated and I didn’t understand anything. At first I thought that my mom didn’t mean it, about me not seeing Jackson at all, and that she was just disappointed in my lies. But the next day she literally wouldn’t let me out of the house, constantly asking me to do something for her. Then, when the week started and I had to go to school, I wasn’t really expecting that mom would ask dad to come and pick me after my classes. So I basically had no chance to hang out with Jackson and I was totally confused because nobody would explain anything to me.

By the way, Jackson managed to ask his dad about these photos, but the information he’d gotten explained nothing.

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